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CEROBEAR Ceramic bearings

CEROBEAR ceramic bearings make it possible to apply rolling bearings in a variety of circumstances. Cerobear ceramic bearings offer new opportunities of application, especially in extreme technical domains, which have been inaccessible up till now.


The inner and outer rings of the bearings are made of high-performance ceramics such as silicon nitride or zirconium oxide. The rolling elements are also made of silicon nitride. For the production of cages and gaskets a variety of materials, such as PEEK or PI, are available.


CEROBEAR ceramic bearings set themselves apart through the following characteristics:



High corrosion resistance

Qualify for extreme temperatures

Qualify for dry running conditions

Low weight

Absolutely amagnetic

Qualify for media- and starved lubrication

High stiffness

High reliability

Low abrasion

Low operating costs


CEROBEAR ceramic bearings are manufactured in ISO- measurements or customized designs according to your needs.

Examples of application
CEROBEAR ceramic bearings

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