Energy and Oil & Gas

Energy and Oil & Gas

CEROBEAR bearings for the energy and oil & gas market

In electrical power generation- and energy storage systems, rolling bearings have to perform at highest speeds and maximized efficiency with perfect reliability as long as possible. CEROBEAR’s hybrid bearing technology is capable to meet and exceed these challenging requirements, due to the use of advanced bearing materials and to the application dedicated bearing design.

CEROBEAR´s hybrid and all-ceramic ball and roller bearings maximize the service life, reliability and enhance the operating performance of all kinds of rotating systems along the complete value creation chain of the Oil & Gas Industry. From exploration via transportation/distribution to refining and processing, CEROBEAR bearings increase the equipment availability and reliability, cut downtime, maintenance cost and production loss and thus significantly reduce the total cost of ownership.

The harsher the operating conditions are (temperature, load, speed, pollution, corrosive attack, poor lubrication etc.), the bigger becomes the service life advantage of the CEROBEAR hybrid and all-ceramic bearings, due to the superior contact fatigue resistance of Si3N4 and High-Nitrogen-Steel and due to their extreme high corrosion resistance.

The CEROBEAR difference

With its customized hybrid bearing solutions, CEROBEAR matches its products to the individual requirements of the specific industry and application. CEROBEAR engineering and material experts support you to perfectly adapt your rolling bearing solutions to your existing design or to find the most suitable solution for new developments.
By supplying these high performance, customized bearings within 12-16 weeks, in urgent cases in down to 4 weeks, we make sure to increase your productivity and margin in the shortest possible timeframe.

CEROBEAR´s ceramic bearing technology guarantees:

  • minimum or no lubrication needs
  • significantly longer service life due to lower friction and wear
  • reduced machine downtime due to higher reliability and longer maintenance intervals

In deep-hole drilling mud motor bearings are directly exposed to the drilling fluid, which is a mix of water, chemicals and debris from the drilling process. In fact, the drilling mud acts as the only lubricant to the mud motor bearings when passing directly through them. This leads to accelerated wear in conventional steel bearings and consequently premature bearing failures.

CEROBEAR hybrid and all-ceramic rolling bearing solutions provide significantly longer service life by using superior bearing materials and an application dedicated, custom engineered bearing design.

CEROBEAR bearings are available as ball, cylindrical roller, tapered roller or spherical roller bearings, as single units, bearing pairs or even bearing stacks, whatever is beneficial to achieve the targeted bearing service life.

CEROBEAR bearings are made to operate seamlessly up to 100 times longer than conventional steel bearings. The result is a substantial reduction of equipment down-time, hence an increase in yield, productivity and safety.

CEROBEAR advanced rolling bearing solutions have proven their outstanding reliability in the fuel turbo pumps of the US Space Shuttle main engines as well as in Formula 1 race car transmissions, helicopter gearboxes or state-of-the-art compressors, pumps and electrical motors in the oil & gas and chemical industry .
The bearings are designed and manufactured to 100% fulfill our customer‘s requirements.
If you are ready to bring your equipment to a new level of performance and reliability, seek the consultancy of CEROBEAR’s bearing specialists.

Standard bearings require a constant supply of grease or oil to separate the rolling elements from the races. At media lubrication or dry run, the direct contact of steel rolling elements to steel cages and steel raceways leads to cold-welding, abrasive wear, higher friction, increased temperature and within shortest time to dramatic bearing failure.
CEROBEAR rolling bearing solutions with ceramic components are able to operate without a separating lubrication film. The diamond-like, covalently bonded, crystalline structure of the Si3N4 ceramic has no free electrons available which, in turn, makes cold welding of the rolling element to any mating steel part physically impossible.

According to the given operating conditions, CEROBEAR material experts will choose the most suitable material and our design engineers will adapt the bearings to your pump design.

Gas Turbines

CEROBEAR’s long history in supplying bearings to the aircraft industry enables us to also offer bearings for Aero Derivative Gas Turbines which are used in the generation of electrical power. Over the years CEROBEAR has gathered all the knowledge and technology to manufacture bearings made from traditional aircraft bearing steels like M50, M50 NiL and M50 nitrided. CEROBEAR offers these bearings with a full documentation package, built to print or based on own bearing designs, within the shortest lead time of the industry, even in small quantities. Contact a CEROBEAR bearing expert today to learn more about this topic.

CEROBEAR offers a full range of bearing solutions for electrical power generation- and energy storage systems.

Steam Turbines

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ORC Turbines

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Fly Wheels

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Downhole Tools

Rolling bearings in downhole tools are exposed to the harshest environment one can think of. High temperature, vibrations, shock loads and pollution are only some of the challenges the bearings have to withstand. A tough job for bearings which are typically designed into a tight envelope.

CEROBEAR’s custom engineered hybrid bearing solutions help to get the maximum service life and performance out of your downhole tools, whether they are used in drilling, steering, data logging or other applications. CEROBEAR is a specialist for thin section hybrid bearings which use Si3N4 ceramic rolling elements (balls, needles or rollers) in combination with bearing races made from High-Nitrogen-Steel and advanced, durable and friction reducing bearing retainers, to achieve a bearing service life which is the multiple of a SAE 52100 or 440C bearing.

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