Fluid & Turbomachinery


Fluid & Turbomachinery

CEROBEAR bearings for the Fluid & Turbomachinery

In addition to serving different market segments from Aerospace to Offshore and Subsea, in which conventional steel bearings can no longer fulfil the requirements, CEROBEAR bearings are also used in high-performance applications in the Fluid Machinery Industry, like:

  • Compressors
  • Cryo pumps
  • Gas expanders
  • Media lubricated pumps
  • High pressure low density polyethylene or EVA autoclaves

In special types of compressors, pumps and reactors bearings cannot be completely sealed to gaseous or liquid process media. High temperatures and aggressive chemicals as well as contamination in the process media shorten the life time of standard or stainless steel bearings.

The hybrid rolling bearing technology, introduced by CEROBEAR more than a decade ago, has set a milestone in reliability improvement and life time increase.

The CEORBEAR difference

CEROBEAR hybrid bearings are capable of the most challenging operating conditions in which conventional steel bearings underperform and provide short lifetimes.

CEROBEAR´s ceramic bearing technology offers significant advantages:

  • Resistance against harsh chemicals
  • Capability of running media lubricated or completely dry
  • Cleanability (open design)
  • Constant and low friction
  • No particle emission
  • Special designs possible
  • Resistance against humidity
  • Operation at high temperature and pressure

CEROBEAR´s bearings can be easily integrated in existing machinery:

  • No requirement of any additional modifications
  • Design of bearing type optimized to the existing environment and application
Pumps & Compressors

In some parts of the process industry, pumps and compressors are used under extreme challenging conditions.
Additional operating costs, caused by a too short Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) and the persistent trend towards downsizing require new bearing solutions to fulfill severe application demands and customer needs for increased reliability and service life.
Our team of specialized project and application engineers will help OEMs as well as end-users to find the best solution at each stage of the project.

Cryogenic Pump Applications

LNG pumps are used for receiving and discharging LNG to storage tanks. They are floated by Liquefied Natural Gas at -162°C (-259 °F) and used at rotational speeds of up to 4000rpm.
To fulfill these challenging demands, CEROBEAR develops custom made rolling bearing solutions, adapted to the requirements of the individual application:

  • Rings of High-Nitrogen-Steel with outstanding resistance towards overrolling fatigue & corrosion
  • Rolling elements made of silicone nitride, to prevent galling or cold welding
  • High performance plastic cage materials with high chemical resistance, high tenacity, even at cryogenic temperatures of -200°C (-328°F)

In advanced blower applications, bearings are exposed to extreme speed and high loads.

CEROBEAR addresses these challenges and provides longer service life by:

  • Individually adapted bearing internals
  • High quality component materials (High-Nitrogen-Steel for races, high performance plastic cage material, Si3N4 rolling elements)
  • Dedicated contact angles with angular contact ball or four-point contact (QJ) bearings

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