Ceramic Rollers and Rings

High precision, fast & flexible manufacturing of ceramic rollers and rings

Due to our perfectly adjusted, frozen processes we are able to guarantee the utmost process stability and thus manufacturing precision. Our ability to precisely diamond grind every kind of roller form (cylindrical, spherical, tapered) and adjust the roller crowning to your specific requirements combined with a special finishing technology which gives the used engineering ceramics the utmost stability, leads to our high quality, long-lasting products. Our non destructive inspection methods, performed in-house, ensure the high standard of our ceramic components. Our state-of-the-art machinery and most modern production planning system guarantees a full traceability of every single part and component.

We are able to manufacture all kinds of rollers/needles in the dimensions of D1.5 mm to 50 mm and batch sizes of 100 to 100000 pieces. Concerning ceramic rings, we are ready to manufacture your products within the range of ID6 mm to OD380 mm and in batch sizes of 3 to 5000 pieces.

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