Bearing Design
Capability & Heritage

Extensive long-time hybrid and all ceramic bearing design capability & heritage

CEROBEAR has an extensive depth of experience for hybrid-ceramic, all-metal, and all-ceramic bearing design capability and heritage. We focus on the interaction and synergy of 3 core competencies: Advanced Materials Knowledge and Portfolio + Optimal Bearing Design for each application/segment served + Advanced Manufacturing Processes to produce the design from the advanced materials selected.

CEROBEAR excels at making advanced material and design bearings to meet highly demanding application requirements. CEROBEAR makes all types of ball bearings (pure thrust, ACBB, DGBB, constant/thin section, duplex, super-duplex), and, all types of roller bearings (cylindrical, tapered, needle, spherical, hour-glass, geared outer ring) from 6 mm ID to 500 mm OD. We make hybrid-ceramic, all-ceramic, and all-metal versions of any type of bearing up to ABEC/RBEC 7 (9), or, ISO class 4 (class 2).  We make fully custom-engineered bearings as well as “build to print”.  For custom-engineered bearings, we co-engineer a bearing solution to perfectly serve their application requirements.  We can customize a wide range of bearing features to adapt bearing play, contact angle, tolerances, stiffness, sealing, etc… along with assembly/functional features such as threads, splines, flanges, anti-rotation, direct-oil lubrication, integrated outer gears/inner shafts, etc.

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