Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

Application of Hybrid rolling bearings in the food and packaging industry

Increasing environmental awareness in society demands sustainable and responsible actions particularly from the food and beverage industries. The development towards PET- or rather PP- and HDPE packaging in the beverage industry is still growing but this in turn requires highly hygienic filling processes.

Commonly used aggressive cleansing liquids kill germs on filling equipment, but cause major damage to components in particular to rolling element bearings. In addition, bearings typically run under poor lubrication conditions which limit operating life and performance. In many areas along the filling line, conventional bearings are the weakest link and determine the down-time of the whole production line.

Therefore, to increase productivity, reliability, and performance, the cold aseptic filling industry requires innovative bearings which can resist both corrosive environment cleaning and poor lubrication operating conditions.

By the integration of CEROBEAR bearings life, performance, costs and hygienic standards can be improved and opens new ways to design the machinery, because bearings can be applied in the clean room directly, instead of hiding them behind seals. Due to their special, unsealed design the bearings do not possess any dead storage, but allow cleanser and flooding water to pass through them to remove all germs. Thus CEROBEAR hybrid bearings are the ideal solution for CIP and SIP processes.

By sharing our experience and engineering expertise with you, we provide complimentary support, to maintain your next generation filling equipment state-of-the-art technology.

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