Measurement Technology

We ensure quality and requirements for your products.

For CEROBEAR high-quality products we only use the best metrology tools and machines. We permanently monitor production-accompanying measuring equipment and continuously  improve wherever possible. This also includes regular training of our employees so that handling is mastered safely and controlled. We ensure reliable manufacturing processes for all our products and their quality requirements.

Our production is supported by a metrology lab equipped with state-of-the-art precision tools and machines for verification and validation of achieved production results. These include contour and roughness measuring machines, form and location measuring machines, hardness tester, high precision length measuring machines, various height measuring devices as well as both optical and tactile coordinate measuring machines.

The measurements are carried out by specialized employees who program and monitor the largely semi-automated measuring machines. All measurements are electronically recorded both as diagrammed report and as numerical values in our IT based Production Planning System (PPS). The measuring machines communicate directly with the PPS via interfaces and therefore transmit the measured values typo-free and within fractions of seconds.

In addition, all produced components undergo a complete visual inspection. This includes examining with unaided eyes up to microscopic evaluation with up to 80x magnification. The visual inspections are carried out by specially trained employees according to fixed catalogues and criteria

For our customers this guarantees complete support and complete traceability of our products, whether it is for standardized test reports or for the support of product optimizations or the support of problem solutions.

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