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CEROBEAR bearings are used in high-performance areas in diverse industries, where steel bearings can no longer fulfil the demands. One of these industries is the machine tool industry, with particularly high demands concerning accuracy, speed coefficient and stiffness. These demands are fulfilled by CEROBEAR rolling bearings to an extremely high degree.

Hybrid spindle roller bearings are an ideal alternative to conventional bearing concepts of machine tool spindles with spindle ball bearings. Two different fields of application are conceivable for the hybrid spindle roller bearings:

These are spindles used for High Speed Cutting (HSC) and High Performance Cutting (HPC). For these applications hybrid spindle roller bearings may be used as floating bearing on the rear end of the spindle or in addition to the spindle bearing package on the front end of the spindle.

With the help of a conical bearing seat on the shaft, precise positioning of the radial bearing clearance is possible during assembly.

The CEROBEAR difference

CEROBEAR hybrid spindle roller bearings are the consequent further development of this solution. The use of silicon nitride rollers permits to reach rotational speeds that were reserved to spindle ball bearings in the past. The use of the mating materials silicon nitride and high-quality bearing steel leads to an enhanced stiffness of the bearing and thus the whole spindle. Furthermore bearing friction in hybrid bearings is significantly lower than in steel bearings. This leads to lower wear and lower bearing temperatures finally resulting in prolonged bearing life and reduced maintenance costs for the spindles.

CEROBEAR´s ceramic bearing technology guarantees:

  • High rotational speed
  • Enhanced stiffness
  • Low friction & thus lower temperature and lower wear
  • Longer bearing life
  • Less lubricant required


CEROBEAR hybrid spindle roller bearings are produced in N, NU and NN designs with cylindrical and conical bores. The possible bearing sizes range from a bore diameter of 10 mm to an external diameter of 420 mm.

As well as the ISO series bearings, CEROBEAR also produces custom-made hybrid spindle roller bearings for your particular need. The following points show an extract for the adjustment of our bearings to your needs:

  • Adjustment of bearings play (Standard: C1)
  • Adjustment of bearing tolerances (Standard: SP)
  • Any modification of bearing dimensions
  • Adjustment of bearing stiffness by varying the number of rolling elements
  • Use of special material
  • Anti-rotation devices
  • Bearings with oil bore for direct oil lubrication
  • Integrated bearing design

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