CEROBEAR GmbH, on behalf of MinebeaMitsumi, donated 500 N95 protective masks



Luisenhospital in Aachen


Marienhospital in Aachen

CEROBEAR GmbH, on behalf of MinebeaMitsumi, donated 500 N95 protective masks each to the Luisenhospital and the Marienhospital in Aachen, Germany, in early April. MinebeaMitsumi President Yoshihisa Kainuma and Europe CEO Jörg Hoffmann initiated the distribution of a total of 17,000 N95 protective masks around the 17 European sites.

“In the current situation, we feel we have a responsibility to provide the best possible protection not only for our own employees, but also for local communities and associations, and thus also for the respective regional economy,” said Jörg Hoffmann. The Group headquarters in Tokyo provided 1,000 donation protection masks for each of the 17 European subsidiaries. Each company decided for itself in which of the regional facilities the need was greatest.

CEROBEAR GmbH learned of the increased need at the two hospitals through the corona.kex.net platform and was pleased to be able to help out and contribute to securing protective masks.

The 1000 FFP2 masks were sent to the two Aachen hospitals in the second week of April. “We are very pleased to be part of the MinebeaMitsumi initiative and thus to be able to support the Marienhospital and Luisenhospital,” said Dr. Hedi Bachmann, CEROBEAR GmbH management.

The corona.kex.net platform was created by INC Invention Center and KEX Knowledge Exchange AG especially for the current Corona situation. For this purpose they use the RWTH Aachen Campus Network. On the platform, companies can report their need for protective equipment.


Luisenhospital  Marienhospital
Donation campaign in Aachen: protective masks for the Luisen- and Marienhospital


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